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2007-11-04 16:19:22 by timewisard

Currently I am EXTREMELY bored... Does anyone have any voice acting requests? Seriously... If you do Please for the love of me not being bored... PM me or comment here!

~Timewisard out.

The Lazer Collab ~ Progress

2007-11-03 20:25:43 by timewisard

Well, I think the Collab's comin nice and good! We have a few videos made... but you'll have to find them! (Raspberry-pie's have my VA's)

Once again: I am willing to voice act for any flash movie... (well not any)...

~TimeWisard signing out

Voice Actor... for... Rent?

2007-11-03 11:58:41 by timewisard

Ok, I've been doing a heck of a lot of Voice Acting for a recent Collabaration Called the Lazer Collab. This Collab is for the genius work of Dom Fera, whom invented the Lazer Collection on YouTube. (And Dom Fera actually happens to be helping us XD) If you want to here some of my sample go to the Lazer Collab's Page and Look for my posts. If you're too lazy, just watch the Flash Movie when It's out.

Timewisard Out.